y12 BIG Decision


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Yr 12: The student should have been introduced to further education/training in WRS classes. This is an opportunity for the student to investigate courses either through TAFE (short courses, pre-apprenticeships), Neighbourhood House or RTO’s i.e. WCIG and take responsibility for finding out more information or seeking support for this.

Short term goals can be designed to help the student achieve and/or compliment their long-term employment goals. They are goals that consider the SMART strategies (Simple, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time)

Education/training goals: i.e. Learner permit, travel training, life skills literacy (i.e. read timetables, recipes, form filling, improve reading skills (newspaper), life skills numeracy (handling money, telling the time, understanding recipes etc), can be as specific as ‘attend classes’, and/or ‘complete assessment tasks’

Personal goals: i.e. improve my health (attend a gym twice a week, join a club, go on a healthy eating plan, increase cooking skills), have more of a social life (consider how time is used at home, ways to make friends, explore activities in my local area etc), improve my behaviour at school or at home, work with an outreach worker on specific skills, living arrangements

Employment goals i.e. explore different types of employment, get casual work (i.e. at supermarket, local deli), complete work experience placements, take on volunteer work or extra duties at home or at school to develop their employability skills,

Why are they important? – encourage student to identify the significance of these goals in their overall quality of life/wellbeing


  1. Discuss and watch the video (left).
  2. Discuss the chart below.
  3. Decide your "short" and "Long" term goals.

Decision Time

Think carefully about what your life will be like after graduating from VCAL?

  • What will you be doing?
  • Will you like doing it?

What choices have you made?

DECIDE on ONE future job or activity you REALLY want to do.


  • Watch the video below to learn how to use Smart Art
  • PRODUCE a smart art diagram that shows you have a real DEEP knowledge of the job or activity you have chosen
  • SAVE the file to your Pathways folder


  • Save it as a .jpeg


Make an important decision.

Honesty and being realistic.

We need to be confident we can achieve our hopes.

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