y12 Expo Stampathon


  1. Soon you will be attending an EXPO. An expo is a "show".

    Your goal are:

    1. To collect show STAMPS from the exhibitors (people with information) at the expo.
    2. Ask the Office or your teacher to print your EXPO STAMPATHON booklet below
    3. Your teacher will tell you how many stamps you need collect. 
    4. If you collect ALL the stamps required, you will receive a REWARD back at school

TEACHERS: You can print the Expo Booklet for photocopying here.


  • Choose ONE of the Service Providers that you liked and that inspired you to learn more about what they do.
  • With information you have collected at the Expo and with Internet research about this provider (use their website), put together a VISME BANNER Graphic that tells us what the Service Provider offers.



Explore a range of ideas about what we can realistically plan for 2018.

An open mind about a variety of options and thoughtful planning for next year .

If you fail to plan for next year, your choices will be limited.

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