y12 Achiever me

General Achievements:

Could refer to something inside or  outside of school i.e. learners certificate, front burner certificate, blackwood/interstate camp, Bridge to Work and Education (TAFE) programs, participated in dance performance, played in a basketball team, overcame a particular obstacle i.e. health issue, social issue, educational issue etc.

School Activities Achievements

i.e. Blackwood Bike Ride, School concert, City Camp, Interstate Educational Tour, Bridge to Work and Education classes (TAFE), TAFE Transition Program

(Yr 12 –Tuesdays), Blackwood Bike Ride, Duke of Edinburgh Bridge Award, Front Burner Hospitality Program, Work Experience (Internal), Work Experience (External), Debutante Ball, Inter-School Sport, SCOPE etc.



  1. Discuss what achievements are.
  2. Watch the video (bottom left) about the achievements of people with disabilities.
  3. What are your achievements?Watch the video below to learn how to create a fotobabble
  4. Write a list on some spare paper then use www.fotobabble.com to record them
  • Cover these areas:
    • My Achievements – Outside School.
    • My Achievements – Before Year 12 at school.
    • My Influences – People I admire or who have helped me?



Identify personal achievements.

Thoughtful self awareness .

You need to recognise and be proud of your achievements.

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