Technology saves you money!

We are all familiar with traditional wholesale outlets, for example Costco. Monster warehouses and large buying power means savings are passed on to the customer.
Service providers however, need new pathways to connect with potential customers. Affiliate marketing and promotion using modern technology delivers cost savings directly to you.

Where are your savings coming from?

The average spend for marketing by most Companies is 10% of their gross turnover.

  • The average household energy spend is approximately $2500 on gas and electricity. (Illustrative example only)
  • $250 of this will go towards traditional marketing and promotion.
  • By connecting directly with  participating companies some of the $250 is passed on to you as lower pricing.
  • Also Affiliates (like receive a small percentage as commissions

What is in it for us? does NOT engage in referral selling. Referral selling means inducing a consumer to acquire a product or service with the promise that they will receive a rebate, commission or other benefit in return for giving the names of prospective customers or otherwise assisting in marketing the goods or services. The receipt of that rebate, commission or benefit is contingent on an event occurring after the consumer enters into the contract.

As an affiliate receives a  small commission for customers who engage with the participating Companies. 

Is it a pyramid Scheme? No. No money or benefits flow from Affiliates to other affiliates, downlines  or customers. 

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is when product or services are brought to the attention of potential customers for a merchant. When someone purchases through your affiliate exchange hub (iPropel), you earn a small commission. Affiliate marketing is a revenue-sharing marketing method. 

Affiliate marketing involves four main partners, who each play a unique part in the marketing process:

  • The Affiliate. The individual or entity ( that promotes the merchant’s product or service.
  • The merchants (Sumo, Flip, Simple Lending): The Companies selling the product or service promoted by the affiliate.
  • The Affiliate facilitator – (iPropel – Portal): An intermediary between an affiliate and the companies offering services. 
  • The customer: The individual who purchases a product directly from the merchant/supplier through the iPropel Portal.

Our Direct Portal

iPropel is the centre piece through which price advantages for customers and commissions for affiliates are managed.

Affiliates are accredited by iPropel to ensure compliance with Australian Consumer Law.

iPropel is an Australian owned and operated direct selling company propelling individuals to build sustainable income from promoting essential home services such as electricity, gas and internet to their network of friends and family. Income is propelled through ongoing recurring commissions for as long as the customer continues to receive the services. (Extract quote from the iPropel website.)

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